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Beginning on Saturday mornings in January, we offer a Fun and Challenging experience to kids age 7 years and older.

We provide all of the equipment a young archer will need and volunteer instructors give hands-on assistance.

For returning youth shooters, the instructors help to hone in their skills in an effort to better perfect their shooting.

Contacts: Paul Mahlik @ 920-845-2261 or

                      Joe Dellemann @ 920-360-1940 or

If your son or daughter is looking for a challenge, look no further. Our Youth Summer League is the sport for them. 

We offer gun training and discuss the equipment needed; all of this is guided by our experienced instructors in order to teach your child the basics in a safe and supervised atmosphere. 

Classes are available for 12-18 year olds on Thursday evenings throughout June, July and August.

            Contacts: Jay Joniaux @ 920-255-0696 or

                              Jeff Thayse @ 920-366-4498 or


Each spring, a group of seasoned high school trap shooters gather at the club to practice for a state trap shooting meet held in Mayville, Wisconsin.  Over 900 young shooters compete for honors of being the best in state.

Contact: Thor Anderson @ 920-621-6735 or

For any/all questions not answered here, please contact us.


There are 2 sessions of hunters safety scheduled each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Please check the calendar for sessions. 

Contacts: Tony Gilson @ 920-536-0036 or

Mike Van Lieshout @ 920-366-3548


Our Mentoring Program began in 2015. The members of the club jumped at the chance to work with our young hunters in order to help them harvest their first wild turkeys.  This is a special program for 10 & 11 year olds who choose to hunt accompanied by an adult.  Youth hunters do have a license for this hunt.

Contacts: Tony Gilson @ 920-536-0036 or

Mike Van Lieshout @ 920-366-3548