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Our local Girl Scout troop also utilizes the club’s hall for their awards events and the distribution of the famous “Girl Scout Cookies”.

For any/all questions not answered here, please contact us.


The club also charters Boy Scout Troop #1042 and Cub Scout Troop #4042.  Both the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts hold their meetings at our club hall; this includes any special programs and/or events they may have. 

See the Baylakes Regional Boy Scouts website for more information.

3D Archery Tournament

The indoor range is setup with 30 targets that will challenge shooters of any level.  There is a close range with targets 5 to 10 yards for beginners as well as a long range with targets up to 25 yards.  There is also moving targets as well as bonus targets to earn a prize.  The tournament is broken down into multiple divisions to give shooters of any level an equal chance.

When: The 3rd weekend in January.  The range will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to give all shooters a convenient time to get a score in.  See the club calendar or our Facebook page for more details.


Brian Rueckl - 920-536-0884 


The club is a integral part of our community and allows many youth and other organizations the ability to utulize our clubs facilities to host events.  Some of those organizations are::

L-C High School uses the club facilities for their high school trap team as well as phy ed archery.

Kewaunee County 4-H Club for their shooting sports
Kewaunee County 4-H Leaders Association for their Time & Talent fundraiser
L-C Football Alumni for their Porkie/Pancake Breakfast

We also continue to support our county’s fire and rescue units and we currently offer the use of our property to the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department for periodic training and re-certification requirements.


Scheduled sight-in days are during the month of November, the two weekends plus Wednesday and Thursday nights before the 10-day gun hunt.  During the scheduled sight-in days, personnel will be available to assist shooters with a spotting scope and lead sleds.


Jay Joniaux - 920-255-0696

Kevin Dahlke - 920-536-0274


The club offers the opportunity for disabled youth and adult hunters interested in taking part in the October 10-day disabled hunting season.  Hunters will have access to 80 acres of excellent whitetail habitat with the Kewaunee River going through it.  Our volunteers establish and maintain food plots, trail cameras, and have constructed numerous enclosed stands.  They will help hunters into the stands and also help with all of the work after the shot.


Paul Mahlik - 920-660-9320

Jay Joniaux - 920-255-0696


50 Bird Course set in the woods.

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm on the 4th Sunday of every month.  See the club calendar or our Facebook page for more details.

$15/Round for Adults or $12/Round under the age of 16


Thor Anderson - 920-621-6736
Jeff Thayse - 920-366-4498



Since 2003 the Luxemburg Sportsmans Club held its first ever Wild Night Out.  It has since become an annual event and has increased attendees to the point where there is a waiting list.  The event consists of a wild game dinner prepared by the members of the club and banquet committee, doors prizes awarded throughout the evening (with many being pistols, guns or rifles) and a wide variety of raffles, silent auctions and red light specials to add even more excitement to the night.  The proceeds from this banquet support many of our programs and each year, a minimum of two scholarships are awarded to local high school seniors. 


Donna Mahlik - 920-660-9330